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Powerful, Raw and Magnetic! Meet Atlanta’s newest and most dynamic singer and performer, ANNA.

Taking the Eddie’s Attic stage for the very first time in her young career, the 18 year old Atlanta born singer is setting herself up for a mainstream rise that’s sure to shake the music industry. If you have yet to hear this vocal powerhouse, make sure to come out and enjoy an experience that will leave you craving more.

“The impact is immediate, the experience lasts forever.” – ANNA

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About The Job

When LUJEN Brands began working with ANNA, they knew she needed a powerful website to get her image across. That’s why they called Precision CMS!

In just a few hours Precision CMS was able to secure her domain and implement a landing page and social media accounts. We were even able to provide graphics for it all.

Precision CMS launched a website for ANNA that delivered. Her site is built to showcase her talents and connect her fans. We even worked to integrate social media and assist in promotion management for shows. The site is even ready for many more capabilities as the time comes.

ANNA and LUJEN Brands continue to be clients of Precision CMS and look forward to working more together in the future.