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Blanken Management is a Registered Investment Adviser in the Pensacola, Florida area offering customized guidance based on their clients’ entire financial position.

Blanken Management is a veteran-owned, fee-only advisor where their clients’ success is considered their obligation and privilege.

Blanken Management utilizes the latest in technology while putting pen to paper to establish personal allocation of their client’s assets for your benefit.

Blanken Management can assist in the navigation of investment vehicles that will be practical and sensitive to their clients’ investment goals. They will tactfully manage their clients’ portfolios to their needs and objectives.

At Blanken Management, their clients’ financial plans will be periodically reviewed and evaluated. A financial review planning service provides the option to revise clients’ plans to ensure that their financial goals are achieved.

The advisers at Blanken Management are ready to meet with new clients for a complimentary discussion about their future and where their new clients would like to be heading.


About The Job

When Blanken Management wanted to streamline their business, a new website was the way to go.

After being subcontracted, Precision CMS designed a completely mobile friendly website for Blanken Management that looks great on all mobile screen sizes.

Precision CMS also revamped their logo to better advertise their services.

While Blanken Management is no longer a client of ours, they still use and operate the site that was originally designed by us.