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Ray and Luchi brought a lifetime of cooking experiences both professionally and as enthusiasts to the development of Quad Cooking products. Being lifetime cooking aficionados, outdoor cooking was always an integral part of their lives. Over their 47+ years of marriage they have experimented with all manner of outdoor cooking equipment and recipes be it on a homemade pit to cook a whole pig, a caja china, a bep, a gas grill, a kamado, a charcoal smoker, a gas smoker, a turkey fryer, or a candy stove. In 2010, their innate food curiosity precipitated the purchase of a large paella pan. Their inability to get a very high even heat over the bottom surface of the paella pan put them to work. Sensing a commercial opportunity, they spent the next several years developing and testing the “Quad” prototype.

In 2013, they introduced the QuadCooker on Kickstarter with a very successful campaign achieving 250% of goal. In 2014, they introduced the Hexx Cooker (a small version of the QuadCooker) again on Kickstarter achieving 200% of goal. 2015 brought the introduction of the QuadGrate, a searing grate, for Kamado style cookers. 2016 brought commercial viability, US patents and a registered trademark.

In 2017, Ray and Luchi plan to share with you their indulgence in everything “wood charcoal cooking!”


About The Job

When Ray and Luchi came to Precision CMS they had one goal in mind, to enhance their businesses online presence. We spent hours going through their current website, social media, and online presence. In doing so, we found multiple issues on their current platform and new it was time for an upgrade.

In just about a month, Precision CMS was able to completely redesign their website on a much better platform. In addition to the new design, the site also comes with new functionality. Ray and Luchi have taken processes that were done manually before and completely automated them. This allows them to devote more time into other aspects of their business.

However, we didn’t just stop there. By assisting in Quad’s social media needs we’ve allowed them to free up even more time to manage their business. Precision CMS utilizes professional grade software that allows us to manage dozens of campaigns at once and monitor all their platforms and analytical. By doing this we’ve been able to now provide reports on not only what social media we’ve produced, but also how it’s improving their business.

Precision CMS has enjoyed the opportunity to help Quad enhance its digital marketing in these aspects and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future.